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    RESTART FALL 2020: ? See FIT’s plans and guidelines for fall campus operations, teaching, and learning.

    In this section

    Graduate Programs

    These programs provide an innovative combination of historical scholarship and practical, hands-on skills.  Graduate faculty are experienced art world professionals—curators, historians, conservators, artists, designers, and dealers. Classroom teaching is supplemented by guest lectures and behind-the-scenes tours of galleries, museums, historic houses, conservation labs, auction houses, and artists' studios.

    Master of Arts Programs

    Art Market Studies
    Exhibition and Experience Design
    Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice

    Master of Fine Arts Programs

    Fashion Design

    Master of Professional Studies Programs

    These programs focus on the specialized skills necessary to achieve career success in these highly competitive fields.  They provide a high-level, interdisciplinary, industry-relevant curriculum tailored to meet the advanced education needs of experienced industry professionals. 

    Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management
    Global Fashion Management

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